Forscan calibration update

First read the calibration level with any scan tool that can read the calibration. G-Scan was used for this vehicle. Scroll through the list to see if the PCM calibration from the tool is in the listing, If the calibration is listed, it is the latest level available for the vehicle. If the calibration is not listed, there is an update available. This process only applies to PCM calibration checking as that is the only module Ford publishes the calibration level.

I had known this calibration check was available and I had tried to make sense of it various times. David, You can also use Ctrl F and that may help. Great write up with explanations. Now we just have to hope they don't change it around. Seems to me manufacturers always want to hide the free information enticing you to buy a subscription due to frustration. I appreciate the pictures to make it easier as well!

Nice write-up for sure. In the old days, IDS would tell you what the update was for. That feature is long gone except for a few important tsb's that will change the calibration for newer parts. You can reference tsb's and some of the older ones show what version of the software is required for the TSB fix to be applied.

Forsacn 2.3.8 + calibration fills + activation

The newer TSB's just state to use the latest calibration of the software. In Ford's eyes you are either up to the latest or not. If there is a TSB that states that a module update should resolve issues, or more simply an updated calibration is available, you can see if you have the latest calibration before purchasing software. This may be their stance in writing, but also every troubleshooting guide they post seem to start with "Confirm the module has the latest software calibration level" I flash unless a note suggest not too, which is usually when a part revision is required along side the software update.

This pretty much carries over to all makes for me. Their stance for everything is simple. Under warranty without direction to do so, you can not claim the labor op. Even if it fixes a concern. This is stressed at every class and internal review Ford does on warranty claims. Changing PCM calibrations can effect emissions on a vehicle.

From what I was told on more than one occasion, once the vehicle is built changing the emissions of a vehicle requires some sort of approval.

I just performed a PCM reprogramming procedure on a Ford this morning. I wanted to check the old and new calibration numbers and compare them with what is listed for this truck on the Motorcraft Service Calibration website. The vehicle is a Ford F 3. See the attached pictures of the FJDS screen showing the old and new software numbers. What I am seeing is that.Release notes.

First Time Using FORScan! So Helpful! Funny Features!

Edge 2. Edge model year Fiesta North America 1. Explorer model years Focus MK3. B-Max 1. Ecosport 1. Edge model years Expedition model years Explorer 3. Expedition model years F model years Ranger model years Lincoln Navigator model years. Explorer model year Ranger model year Ranger model years experimental. Everset 2. Expedition model years Explorer model year Lincoln Navigator model years.

Newest FORScan Android/iOS/Window Software Free Download

Edge model years Escape model years Expedition model years Explorer model years F model years Focus model years F-Series P model years Flex model years Kuga model years Taurus model years Lincoln MKS model years Lincoln MKT model years Lincoln MKX model years Lincoln Navigator model years. Expedition 5. F-Series Super Duty 6.

forscan calibration update

E-Series model years Excursion model years Expedition model years F F96 platform model years F SuperCrew P platform model years F Light Duty F platform model years F-Series F platform model years Lincoln Blackwood model years Lincoln Navigator model years. Escape Hybrid 2. F-Series Super Duty platform P 6.

forscan calibration update

Edge model years Explorer model years Focus Mk3. Focus Mk3. Focus Mk1 platform C model year F model year Escape 2. Mazda 6 2. Bantam model year Figo model years Fiesta model years Fusion model years Ikon model years Transit model year Mazda 2 European market model years. Fusion US market model year Milan model year Mustang model year. Expedition model year Explorer model year Lincoln Aviator 4.

Expedition model year Explorer model year Thunderbird model year Lincoln Aviator model year Lincoln LS model year Lincoln Navigator model year Mercury Mountainer model year. Explorer model year Explorer SportTrac 4.

Focus Mk3 model year Focus Mk3.The biggest reason for wanting to be up to date on your PCM TSB updates is for the same reason that you want to be up to date on any software you own or use: bugs get ironed out, and your truck will run better.

Ford is almost constantly making updates to the underlying PCM programming in the Fs to deal with everything from the serious EcoBoost condensation issues to the more trivial like the cabin lights staying on too long. Getting the latest software means that at least some of the initial bugs are taken care of and that your F of choice is operating at its absolute best. With so many functions of your truck controlled by its computer, you have every reason in the world to want the best functionality you can get out of your truck.

The second, and much more pressing, issue is that despite having access to SCT's tuning software which can dig deep into Ford's PCM and change parameters, there's still a lot going on in that Ford PCM software and firmware that 5-Star can't adjust, but it still effects their custom tuning.

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Think of it like your home computer's operating system. You can add software files and change settings, but the underlying operating system dictates a lot of what you can and can't do. Your F's PCM is much the same way in that a good portion of Ford's programming is inaccessible to custom tuning, but still has effects on what a custom tune can do and how a custom tune performs.

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When your PCM is updated to the latest Ford software, 5-Star's tunes are better able to take advantage of some of the bug fixes and new underlying programming that 5-Star can't directly access to make your truck run much better than with older versions of Ford's software. SinceFord has made over 60 updates to the PCMs of the to Fs across all of the engine types. This why we send our tuners out "blank" so that you can pull the PCM strategy code from your F and send it back to us, so we can verify whether or not your truck is up to date on the latest software.

If we find that your truck isn't up to date on its latest software TSBs, we'll need you to go to your local Ford dealer or authorized Ford Service center and get the TSB updates performed. We know Ford dealers can be a pain about getting the job done, but its necessary for your tuning. If you aren't able to get a local Ford dealer to update your truck, please give us a call directly at No update performed since they say not warranted with no implied issues.

What do I do? If I come roght out and tell them to update so i can get my tuners installed I'm sure I am screwed in teh waranty department.

This should be so easy to have done. Chuck: While dealing with dealerships and Ford Service Shops can be a pain, what you need to tell them is that it's not really up to them. You have a right as a vehicle owner to get these updates performed as part of Ford's Technical Service Bulletins. If they still won't play ball, you may just want to call around to other Ford Dealers in your area and see if they'll perform the service.

I have recently had my eco boost F in for work and the truck was reflashed with the latest updates. I have had my Live wire tuner for almost 2 years. How do I go about getting my stock tune updated to the latest version? If I were to revert back to my stock tune now, I am assuming it will put my original stock tune back in that was from 2 years ago. Mike Dransfield makes a good point. If Ford is always making TSB updates, then reverting back to a stock tune could mean reverting back to an obsolete version.

Are you supposed to save the new stock tune each time you receive a TSB? Do you revert back to your latest stock tune every time before going into the dealership for work?All Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles that can be addressed by supported adapters.

Ford PCM firmware (calibration update) database

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These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Automotive Software. Thread Rating: 15 Vote s - 3. New Reply. Forsacn 2. Reputation: FORscan 2. Yes, because it is designed especially for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

So supports specific features of the manufacturer protocols, making the FORScan more powerful in work with these models than any regular OBD2 scanner.

Reply Quote. Then it is capable to replace IDS. Looking forward to test it. This look so nice. Thanks man Regards. Its not the same as Ids,it cant do the same things but with an elm or an els27 cable you can do plenty of stuff.

Actions Prove who someone is,words just prove who they pretend to be. Thanks Central Configuration CC is special block of data that contains vehicle configuration information. Not all vehicles have it, but Ford vehicles mainly for European market after model year. Non-CC vehicles have individual configuration for every block that needs it. CC vehicles use another principle: configuration for all modules is stored at some "main" module and the main module provides necessary information to all modules that need it.

This simplifies vehicle configuration management: for example, to enable curise control option in Focus Mk2, that has no CC, one should enable it in 3 modules. Note Experience shows it is not exactly so - majority of CC vehicles still have individual configuration for many modules, so some configuration parameters are still available via individual module configuration.

More than, sometimes some parameters available in CC do not work, and individual configuration has to be changed in order to reach the goal Another specific of CC is that in majority of cases it uses Main-Backup model, when 2 modules are involved in CC.

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One module is main, second one is backup. Backup module is used when main module is not available. In order to run CC function, one should go to Configuration and programming section and start Central Configuration function from the list.

forscan calibration update

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How to check Ford PCM calibration for updates without a subscription

Replies: Last Post by rvdOne thing that has paid for itself many times over with my van is a cheap bluetooth ELM diagnostic reader. However if you have a Ford then you are in luck as when used with the free software ForScan the cheap ELM becomes capable of almost dealership level diagnostics.

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You can read and clear codes, view live data, program new keys and more. To get started you need a ELM Below you can view a list of ForScan compatible units on ebay. If you have your own recommendation you can add it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

No cables. Can be used over 10 meters away from the vehicle. Cons — Not as fast as USB. Auto switching no manual switch on device Cons — Cost. The free software ForScan can be downloaded here. The next thing to do is make sure your ignition is on. You should then be able to connect by pressing the connect button in ForScan. ForScan is capable of an ever growing list of functions.

Some of the things I have used it for on my van include. Reading live data. You can see live data from pretty much every sensor on the vehicle, you might be surprised how many there are! The software was out of date and can cause damage to two valves on the fuel rail if left.

Below: At the top of the screen ForScan gives info on the adaptor you are using. If using bluetooth or wifi the delay is likely to be average to bad and you may see some errors under the error count. The Lite version is very useful for when you are on the go as it works on Android and iPhone.

Skip to content. February 22, March 22, Simon. If you have your own recommendation you can add it in the comments at the bottom of the page Which ELM to buy? What Can it Do? If using bluetooth or wifi the delay is likely to be average to bad and you may see some errors under the error count The Lite version is very useful for when you are on the go as it works on Android and iPhone.

Facebook Comments. Which Tools February 18, Simon.The build was checked for zero anti-virus false positive alerts.

We have created a thread on our forum to inform users about status of this problem and solution to it. January 3, - Web site update Frequently Asked Questions page is updated: added answers to typical questions sent to our support team. EL1 release is not supported anymore. This question seems to be very actual for many of FORScan users. This product was created specially for our project, FORScan team was directly involved in testing and refinement of the adapter.

Other improvements such as vehicle database update, new configuration parameters, new service functions, other fixes and improvements. Please note that build with new Extended License keys is now primary and has no EL2 suffix in the distributive name anymore. Version with old Extended License keys is available for compatibility purpose only and contains EL1 suffix in the distributive name. More information about old and new keys can be found here.

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Added many configuration parameters for different modules of different models. Also, in this version we implemented new Extended License protection system to resolve problems experienced by some users. Old and new Extended License keys have identical functionality, but not fully compatible with each other. In order to provide smooth transaction, during a transition period we will deliver 2 releases of FORScan for Windows: one that works with old keys and one with EL2 suffix that works with new keys.

March 02, - Paid long term and lifelong Extended Licenses are now available Now everyone can purchase 1 year3 years5 years or lifelong Extended License on the Products page.

forscan calibration update

So the main purpose of the 2. Please find details on the Download page. New functions, fixes, improvements. We have added ability to use email address as a forum login name previously only username had to be used for login.

Also, the forum password recovery page now allows to enter username OR email previously both fields were required. June 17, - Forum downtime because of the board upgrade We are going to upgrade the forum board software.

Expected downtime for the forum and license key generator is - CEST. We are sorry for so significant delay with this delivery. This is a simple app that can be used to check vehicle on-board network configuration modules and read diagnostic trouble codes DTC. Among other things, we recommend to use this free application to check base FORScan abilties and compatibility with adapter and vehicle. Unfortunately, iOS 6.

So it was decided to release as soon as possible the new version that has these problems fixed. Also, this update contains some changes in license verification procedure. This is one-time check. User manual is updated. Migration to new core 2. Also, user manual is updated.